What’s in my Hospital Bag

Can’t believe I’m 37.5 weeks and Baby Margot will be here so soon. We are so excited to meet her and this past weekend, I packed and got everything as ready as I could for the hospital. I’m getting really anxious because I had Mignonne at 38 weeks and I was not packed at all. It was one of those situations where I went to my 38-week checkup and my blood pressure was out of the roof so I was admitted to labor and delivery with preeclampsia and had her the next day. Brett was left to pack everything and you know how that goes with men. So, this time, I planned to be as prepared as possible!

Even with Covid, I still plan on bringing exactly what I would bring regardless of that. It is not changing what I will bring. I am also one of those people that really like my stuff so I don’t travel lightly. I like options!

  1. Tote Bag - A really cute bag for Mom! I was really excited when Barrington Gifts came out with their new monogram option. I thought it would be so cute to get MOM on it versus my monogram. I love how it turned out. It’s the Yacht tote and it’s perfect for travel, play dates, picnics, lake, pool and beach days. Love this size bag. The inside has great pockets too.
  2. Bag for Baby - A bag for Margot’s things. I got a lot of questions about this bag too that I shared in my stories earlier this past week. This pink gingham bag was the perfect size for her things. I found mine at a local children’s boutique but you can also find it here. I got her monogram put on it too. Comes in blue as well!
  3. Robe – a comfy robe to wear in the hospital. I got this one two years ago when I had Mignonne and I still love it. A staple for sure and I wear mine all the time. They have it in blue too. Sometimes it is out of stock but they always restock so check back. Love the bows on it! I also like this option too.
  4. Comfy Pajamas or Nap Dress – After having the baby, you will want something cute and comfy to put on. I love this nightgown and these pajamas. I own both and have been living in them. Great options for nursing if you plan on doing that. I also love these new “nap dresses.” Hill House Home just came out with new ones and I snatched up the pink and white stripe option super fast! How darling for pics and who doesn’t love a stripe?
  5. Something to wear home – Love some of the nap dresses to wear home, especially the new summer options. They are not shear so perfect to wear home and comfy. Also have this gingham dress that I have worn throughout my pregnancy and will bring that as an option too.
  6. Something to bring baby home in – Don’t forget to bring something sweet for the new baby. I am bringing some day gowns that my mom had made for Sweet Margot.
  7. Hat and outfits for baby during your stay – Don’t forget a cute hat for the baby. My hospital gives the baby a hat but it’s purple and of course I wanted something cute and monogrammed. I packed a pink and white one that says Margot on both. I also will be bringing several soft outfits like Paty Gowns and Kissy Kissys. Those are two of my favorite brands for newborns. Also, will be bringing one or two from The Beaufort Bonnet Company. They have some sweet pima cotton day gowns that I love.
  8. Paci for baby – The hospital did provide pacis last time but I am packing my own just in case. Of course, I wanted her to have pink ones :)
  9. Diapers and wipes – The hospital will provide these items but I am picky. I like Water Wipes. We used these for Mignonne and I just prefer them. Also, my hospital just switched to Huggies and I prefer Pampers Swaddlers so I will just bring a few of my own. But don’t worry first time moms, this is not necessary!
  10. Bottles and Formula – again, not necessary but I just know what I prefer. We already made the decision to not breastfeed so Margot will be getting formula from day one. We had a tough time with Mignonne in the beginning with formula and finally figured out she has a dairy intolerance the first year. (very common and usually outgrow) Once we switched to Nutramingen formula, she was a new child! I believe a happy baby is a fed baby so whatever works for you and your family is best. We will start her on this formula and see what happens. Just a personal decision Brett and I made.
  11. Newborn Nest Swaddle – Found this super cute company through a friend and thought it was so cute for one of their first pics. You can purchase it as a set (swaddle, bow headband or hat and sheet cover for the hospital bed for the baby.) Makes super cute pics! I got the pink gingham set of course.
  12. Blanket – love an extra cozy blanket. This is a great option here.
  13. Swaddles – Ok, so Brett and I could never swaddle great! I think the nurses are the only ones good at it. The swaddle blankets are pretty but really not practical. We loved these for Mignonne so I purchased them for Margot too. Love the Velcro and it was the one swaddle she could not break out of! Definitely recommend.
  14. Slippers – Don’t forget your slippers. I don’t like walking on a bare floor especially in the hospital. Also recommend some socks.
  15. Nursing Pillow – Even if you are not nursing, a nursing pillow is a great thing to bring for support even just to hold the baby. I love this one here.
  16. Extra Phone Charger or extension cord – Don’t forget an extra phone charger or extra-long extension cord. Hospitals have power outlets in weird spots so an extra-long cord is a must.
  17. Camera – Since no visitors will be allowed in the room except Brett and I, I recommend bringing your camera. Of course, I’m going to want to take a million pics so I plan on bringing mine. This is the camera I have and the lens I have. Also, your computer to download the pics.
  18. Underwear – So the hospital will provide “mesh underwear” which some people love but I did not. They were uncomfortable and did not fit me well. I just purchased some Haynes underwear that were high waisted and way more comfortable to me. Also love the brief option too. I wore these for the first 8 weeks after my first delivery with Mignonne.
  19. Pads – Also recommend bringing your own if you are picky like me. The hospital will have them but I brought my own once again, because I know what I like.
  20. Towels – Bring a towel or two for the shower. You will most likely want to take a shower after your deliver. It will make you feel like a new person. I love my Weezie Towels!
  21. Shampoo/Dryer etc. – You really can’t pack these things until you go into labor, but don’t forget to make a list for your husband, just in case you go into labor and have to rush. That way, your husband can grab your things and bring if needed.
  22. Car Seat – The hospital did a car seat check before we left. I had the Uppa Baby one for Mignonne and love but we recently purchased the Doona (car seat/stroller) because I heard so many wonderful things about it. Can’t wait to use it!

Hope this packing list helps, especially for you first time moms. I still can’t believe we will be a family of 4 so soon. Every night I go to bed, I wonder will tonight or tomorrow be the day. I am already 3 cm dilated so we shall see. I’m not planning on being induced unless I go past my due date. I kind of love the element of surprise so say a prayer for us!



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