What I’m Buying for Baby

It’s crazy how fast time flies! This Thursday, I’ll be 25 weeks, just a little over 3 months before baby sister Margot comes! I haven’t had to do much nursery prep work because baby sister will get Mignonne’s old room, but there are some things I have or will be purchasing for Margot. I rounded up some top picks and in blue too for those expecting a boy! Also picked out some items for Momma.

  1. The Blush Pink Doona – I got the Uppa Baby Stroller last time, which we LOVE, but I have heard so many great things about the Doona. It’s an all-in-one car seat/stroller and when the pink version came out I knew I had to get!
  2. The Diaper Bag – Love this one here. I love that you can customize it and that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag but rather a cute tote bag! Plus the material can be wiped down, which is a plus!
  3. The Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Seat with Toy Bar – love this blush color. I swear they didn’t have these in cute colors when Mignonne was born. I would like to try this one out.
  4. Highchair – again, such a chic highchair. You won’t need this for a while, first time moms, but I’m obsessed with how sleek this one is.
  5. Noodle and Boo Products – By far my favorite baby products for bath time. We have been using these since Mignonne was born and still do today, almost two years later.
  6. Bow Mobile – Darling mobile and love the bows!
  7. The Halo Sleep Sack – Great product. Mignonne still sleeps in hers today. This version Mignonne started sleeping in when she was about 7 months old.
  8. The Baby Bouncer – Love the color and quilted detail. I will be purchasing for this baby.
  9. Pink Blanket - you can never have too many blankets. We always had one in the stroller and when we went anywhere.
  10. Bow Swaddle – We took Mignonne’s newborn pictures in this. You can even add a monogram. So sweet!
  11. Luxe Floor Pillow – love this gingham pink check floor pillow. We lived in this for the first few months.
  12. Pom Pom Hamper – We have this in a smaller version fro Mignonne. We keep her diapers in it. But love the hamper version for dirty clothes.
  13. Dock a Tot – First time moms, you NEED! Mignonne slept in this for the first 3 months and she was a great sleeper. Worth the price. We will purchase a new cover for Mignonne’s because she did spit up a lot when she was a baby.
  14. Bow Burp Cloth – you can never have to many burp cloths. Mignonne was a spit up baby. I feel like I walked around all day everyday with one on my shoulder.
  15. Swaddle Me Swaddles – hands down my favorite swaddle ever. They aren’t the cutest but Mignonne loved to be swaddled very tight and these were the only ones she couldn’t bust out of.

  16. Robe and pajamas – for mom, because if you are going to be spending a lot of time at home in the beginning, you can still look cute! I have several pairs of this brand and LOVE. Super soft and comfortable.

  17. Heart Tummy Time Mat – this is darling! Margot will definitely need one for playtime.

And below is the “Boy Version” of everything above. Just as sweet!

  1. The Doona
  2. The Diaper Bag
  3. The Nuna Leaf Grow Baby Seat with Toy Bar
  4. Highchair
  5. Noodle and Boo Products
  6. Mobile
  7. The Halo Sleep Sack
  8. The Baby Bouncer
  9. Blue Blanket
  10. Bow Swaddle
  11. Luxe Floor Pillow
  12. Pom Pom Hamper
  13. Dock a Tot
  14. Stork Burp Cloth
  15. Swaddle Me Swaddles
  16. Robe and pajamas
  17. Heart Tummy Time Mat

Hope you enjoyed this little round up and found it helpful. It definitely brought me back down memory lane when I was typing this out. Can’t believe I’ll be doing all this over again in 3-ish short months! I’ll be adding more items to shop as I find so make sure you check back. Can’t wait for Margot to be here!



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