Red Land Cotton

Wow! It only took me getting my kids back in school to sit down at my computer and write an actual blog post! Must admit, I do miss writing a good ole fashion blog post and sharing my thoughts. Maybe this is my year to really get back on here and share more on this little space with y’all. But I did get on here to share something that I love with you, Red Land Cotton. If you have been following me for a while, you know I have been using Red Land Cotton for years, and it is hands down the best and my favorite sheets & bedding out there, plus it’s made in the USA.

Let me give you a little back story before I share about their new Hydrangea collection. For those of you that don’t know, Red Land Cotton is a cotton farm based in Northern Alabama. And I have something super in common with Red Land, I grew up on a farm as well and our family still grows cotton to this day. It’s a perfect time to share because we are upon harvest season, one of my favorite times of the year! Our farm is a little over 100 years old, we celebrated 100 years in 2019. My mom and dad still live on the farm and it’s become one of the girls’ favorite places to go play. It was the BEST childhood growing up there. That is why Red Land Cotton holds near and dear to my heart.

Now let me give you a little backstory on Red Land. Red Land Cotton is a cotton farm in Northern Alabama, home to the Yeager family for 3 generations. From the very beginning, they have learned the value of hard work and the importance of family. In 1994, Mark Yeager built his own cotton gin, a huge undertaking that gave their family strict control over the quality of their cotton fibers. He has spent years implementing sustainable farming practices across thousands of acres of land until their farm was able to produce an unrivaled crop. While farming has always been his passion, Mark has always had the mind of a business owner. With his understanding of the cotton market, he took the opportunity to do more with their high-quality crop. With the entire family, they set out to create heirloom-inspired linens from their homegrown cotton and just like that Red Land Cotton was born. With its roots in the rich, red soil of North Alabama, their bed sheets, towels, and other home linens are made with the finest homegrown cotton.

From the spinning yarn to the final cut and sew, their linens are made and manufactured here in the Southern United States as part of a rich textile tradition that spans decades and generations. Now that is a company I can get behind. I understand the hard work that goes into farming since I saw it first-hand growing up and still see it today, as my brother and dad still farm.

That is why I am super excited to share my newest Red Land Cotton bedding with you, their new Hydrangea collection. I chose this collection for my guest bedroom and it’s already gotten some love from family members that have come to stay with us. I love the soft blues and the floral print which is just right and not too fussy and beautifully made. The moment I saw these sheets and bedding I knew it was perfect for that space and already went so well with my artwork I chose to hang over the bed. I also scored this antique acorn bed at an estate sale and I think it’s a perfect fit with this collection. I just saw they had a restock so don’t hesitate to order this timeless collection.

Also, recently I ordered some new sheets for my master bedroom. Brett will not sleep on anything else, as the Red Land Cotton sheets are his favorite. I find once you wash them just a few times they have the softest feel and makes me never want to get out of bed in the morning. I have the white hemstitch and love the heirloom quality, look and feel. They also last for years so you don’t have to constantly replace. And to top it off, all manufactured in the USA.

If you are looking for some new sheets or bedding, I encourage you to try anything from Red Land Cotton. Their products are a dream and I love their message. I will always continue to support them and will enjoy for years to come. My girls sure love to snuggle up every morning in their blankets. The classic white blanket is a must as well. P.S. this blanket washes really well! Needless to say, this family loves Red Land Cotton. Also excited to share my discount code is still active, use code CAROLINE15 for 15% off your order. Happy Shopping!