My Top Baby Registry Picks

Oh Motherhood. This past year has been the most rewarding and one of the most challenging years in my life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s honestly hard to imagine what my life was like before Mignonne. I didn’t realize how much time I had on my hands! We’ve learned so much together already and she has taught me more than she will ever know. I’m so excited to partner with Walmart, to tell you all about my top picks for Mignonne and what we loved the most. If you have never had a baby, then you honestly are CLUELESS. At least I was. Making my registry was so daunting but luckily Walmart made it so easy and they continue to. There are so many brands and so much “stuff” and I am not a “stuff” person. But let’s face it; babies require a lot of things! After a year, I think I know now what we couldn’t live without and what products are a must. So below I wanted to share our top picks all found at Walmart (your one stop shop for the BEST baby products). Before I go on I must let you know that I am not an expert but this is just my opinion and what worked for Mignonne and our family. She is the happiest and easiest baby so I feel compelled to share what we loved!

1. The Baby Brezza – Ok, this is one of my all time FAVORITE items. Lifesaver if you ask me. If you were not going to breast-feed then I would definitely invest in one. All you have to do is put the formula in the top container, set your settings depending on the formula you use and press how many ounces you want and the bottle comes out perfect and the correct temperature. I love how you know exactly how many ounces they are getting too.

2. We love these snack cups! Mignonne carries hers around all day with her snacks and it keeps them from spilling.

3. Infant Optics Monitor – We love this monitor. So far, no complaints. We have had it for a year and the picture is very clear. Easy to set up and install.

4. The Owlet – So we ended up getting this later and I wish I had had it sooner. We had a small scare when she was about 4 months old and I couldn’t sleep that night not being able to monitor her better so we ended up getting one that night. This tracks the heart rate and oxygen levels. If anything is not normal, it will alert you so you can sleep and not be in fear. Especially for a first time Mom, I was paranoid all the time and this let me sleep better at night!

5. The Bob Stroller – This is my favorite stroller to jog with Mignonne. I am a big runner and this is the best stroller, easy to turn and made getting back in shape so much easier.

6. This bottle warmer is perfect when you are on the go!

7. These were my favorite bottles, hands down. I tried a few different ones and these were easy for her to drink from and did not leak.

8. We love these spoons, dishwasher safe and we still use them everyday!

9. This seat is great for when they first start eating. Babies aren’t big enough for a high chair so this is a great transition chair.

10. Keekaroo Peanut Changer – I would get this hands down for a diaper changer versus the old fashion changer with a cloth cover. They will poop, pee and spit up all on this and if you have the cloth kind you will find yourself washing it constantly. With this one all you have to do it wipe it up!

11. Mignonne loves warm wipes and we still use this one everyday.

12. This is a must! The best drying rack for all those bottles, lids and bottle accessories. (I was so happy to finally get this off my counter once we were done with the bottles!)

13. Her favorite little teether.

14. Water Wipes – We love these and still use these. I love that they are pure water and have no scent. Can’t go anywhere without them!

15. Our favorite pacifiers. Mignonne still sleeps with about 6 in her crib every night.

16. Mignonne’s Car Seat. This car seat goes from infant – 5 years old but we bought this when she was 11 months and she loves it. We even took her on an eight-hour drive to the beach and she did great in it!

17. You must get a bottlebrush to keep all your bottles clean.

18. We loved this bathtub until she was about 8 months old!

19. The Nose Frida – So this may seem gross to a lot of people but this has saved us a few times especially when she had a cold.

20. This sit me up seat is great for them when they can start holding their head up around 3 months old.

21. We love this sound machine. She cannot sleep without it!

22. The Piano play mat – Great toy for tummy time. She loved the music it played and kicking her legs. She loved pulling on the animals hanging above.

23. Our favorite diaper brand! Mignonne has been wearing these since she was born! Good thing Walmart has same day delivery for when you run out!

24. Favorite lotion. It smells so good just like a baby. 😀

25. Auqaphor – Pretty sure that this can cure anything. I put it on her all the time!

26. Diaper Rash Cream – We really like this one 😀 Tip: Apply every night to avoid diaper rash, not just when they get one.

27. Maybe one of the most used items. We called it the donut pillow. She took lots of naps in this when she was born.

28. Mignonne loved her Sleep Sack. We transitioned her from the swaddles, to the Merlin Sleep Suit to this sleep sack.

29. The Dock-a-tot – We used this every night for the first 3 months. We would swaddle her, then put her in the Dock-a-tot. She loved it and made her confortable during naptime and through the night.

30. Fisher Price Cradle Me Swing – So I was convinced that I did not need this bulky swing and the Mom-a-Roo is what I originally bought and she hated it. Cried horribly every time we put her in it. My brother had this swing and we borrowed it. She of course loved it and we were desperate. It was an eye sore for a few months but so worth it!! Trust me, you will do just about anything to get your baby not to cry! She even napped in this from time to time.

31. We used this wedge under her Dock-a-tot to help with her acid reflux.

32. Mignonne loved this play mat. We used it every day for tummy time! She loved the Mr. Fox!

33. Swaddle Me swaddles – We’ll let’s face it. We could not swaddle her in those pretty blankets everyone gets you. Convinced only the Nurses can. They are not practical but these are. So easy and she could not bust out of them and wake her self-up. Top 5 products on my list. Make sure you bring to the hospital!

All these products can be found at Walmart and they have next day delivery for all you busy mommas out there! Such a lifesaver and continues to be every day. I had no idea that Walmart carried so many premium brands.

You can click here to start your Baby Registry at Walmart.

I really hope this helps narrow it down for you. I know I was so over whelmed when I first went to register. I loved that Walmart has everything from the top baby registry items to food and diapers. If you ever have any questions, I’d love to help!

P.S. Now through September 30th, Walmart is having a major sale on lots of premium brands and some of my top picks. Great time to stock up!



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