My New Updated Dining Area

It’s been a minute since I wrote a blog post! Between designing cards and chasing my two girlies around I truly cannot believe I finished one of my projects I’ve been working on for a bit. It all started with a set of 8 dining room chairs I found at an estate sale a few months back. I actually really wasn’t looking for new chairs but stumbled across these and immediately had a vision. I also have been wanting a new table for my dining area because I felt like mine was too formal and wanted something a bit more casual so when I had the opportunity to work with Serena and Lily again, I knew it was the perfect timing.

Serena and Lily is my favorite furniture shop for classic, beautiful furniture with a modern twist. I love mixing old and new. I feel like that makes a home look more curated. I own lots of their pieces and the quality and craftsmanship is wonderful. I was beyond thrilled to add another Serena and Lily pieces to my home.

So, let’s talk about this new space I recreated with the help of Serena and Lily! I picked this table for several reasons. One, I love the clean lines. 2. I loved the color and the warmth of the table. 3. I loved the shape and the width. I felt like it fit the space better than my original table. 4. It’s a very good “everyday” table. 5. It fit my 8 chairs perfectly!! 6. It shipped almost immediately and the delivery team delivered it promptly and safely. I could go on and on but I just love it so much.


So, let’s talk about the chairs now. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I absolutely LOVE estate sales. It’s where I have found some of my favorite pieces for my home. I saw these at an estate sale recently, totally wasn’t in the market for them but here we are, 8 new beautiful chairs that just needed some love.

I had a carpenter sand them down and cut the arms off 6 so the side chairs could easily clear the table. I left the arms on the end chairs. Next, I had them lacquered at a local car auto body shop. Yes, an auto body shop!! It’s a hidden gem in Shreveport. One of my favorite design secrets. They have created a little side business of painting furniture and they do an amazing job!! I have gotten several pieces in my home lacquered including Margot’s crib.

For the upholstery, my interior designer friend, Jenny Johnson Interiors, helped me select fabric for these chairs. I wanted to do something green. I’m definitely on a green kick these days. We decided on this amazing slipcover with pleats on the sides, swoon!!! The green also blended well with the blue I have throughout my living space and home. 

So excited for my new dining area and how it turned out. It was just what I wanted and love how it’s a blend of old and new. I own several pieces from Serena and Lily and several of them are a few years old and still look new. I would definitely recommend their products to y’all.

Also, if you are unsure about colors etc., you can always order swatches to see if they will work before you purchase if you don’t have a Serena and Lily store near you.

What do you think? I love how the chairs look with my Lulie Wallace piece of art hanging behind the table. Very happy everything with this space got completed, perfect timing just before the girl’s 1st and 3rd birthday celebrations!

Quick note, this weekend, Serena and Lily is having 25% off their outdoor styles. Linked some favorites below and also my table.

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