Mignonne's Little Big Girl Room

Finally sharing Mignonne’s “Little” Big Girl Room on the blog today with June St. George! I call it her Little Big Girl Room because she still sleeps in a crib. She is such a climber but her crib is the one thing she has never tried to climb out of so we’ll keep her in there as long as we can. (plus, since she’s upstairs, I know she’ll be safe.) We moved her upstairs when baby Margot was on the way. The nursery is downstairs and so once I knew I was expecting I started planning out this precious space. Mignonne’s room may just be my favorite room in the house.

First was choosing the color palette. If you know me, you know I’m a pink girl and when I found this wallpaper, I knew we would plan around that. The wallpaper is from Thibaut and the pattern is called Carnival. It comes in lots of colors. It’s actually discontinued but they still have a lot in stock. Also comes in coordinating fabric too. I love that it’s sweet but yet timeless and she can grow into it. Another fun feature is the pop of color on the trim and doors. I love wallpapering a room and painting the trim a contrasting color. It really makes the wallpaper stand out. I’m seeing that a lot in design trends and I really like it! The color we used is Liberty Park by Benjamin Moore. It’s a pretty sage color green. Don’t be afraid of color!! I picked that shade of green because it matched the crib sheets I picked out from Biscuit Home in Houston.

Yes, Biscuit Home in Houston has the prettiest bed linens and sheets. I love every pattern they have. This pink and green design really spoke to me. I love how different it is. Tip, buy two sets of crib sheets so while one is washing you can put the other set on the bed. They also have pretty crib skirts too. I actually bought the duvet covers and shams so when Mignonne is ready to transition into twin beds (big girl bed) I’ll have the matching bedding just in case they ever discontinue it! The crib is from Serena and Lily and I love the timeless, traditional design of the spindle crib. Both girl’s cribs are from Serena and Lily and we love them. Great Quality!!! Also, the crib bumper pads are from Amy Berry Home. She has blue and pink sets.

Now onto the rug right in front of her crib. How darling is that? Several months ago, I shared the rug company called June St. George. June St. George is a bespoke custom rug company that makes rugs and pillows in all shapes in sizes to match your space. She has so many gorgeous designs to choose from and the design process is so easy. You may not remember but a while back I shared part of the design process in my stories. First off, I picked the designs for both girl’s rooms. The bow design was my favorite, that was the easiest part. I used that for both girls. I will be sharing Margot’s nursery too but that will be in another post soon! I couldn’t decide on colors because there are so many options so she sent me samples of the colors I had narrowed it down too and I made my decision. Colors were spot on! You can pick the monogram too and just like colors there are so many options for that. As far as size goes, the one in front of Mignonne’s crib is probably her most popular size. It is a great size for a bathroom in front of a sink. The process takes several months but is so worth the wait. The quality and customer service are amazing!!! Thank you, June St. George!!! We ADORE them.

Let’s now talk about the canopy above Mignonne’s crib. First off, I love a canopy. I love them so much, every bedroom in our house now has one. I love how cozy they make the room feel. The check fabric I found, from Colfax and Fowler, is also the fabric we used for the window treatments. It’s the perfect shade of green and matches the bed linens perfectly. The piece that the canopy is hanging from is an antique “Corona” is what they call it from France. A sweet friend that used to have the most amazing antique shop in Shreveport found it from one of her buying trips in France and wanted Mignonne to have it. It’s so unique and a piece we will have forever. A local seamstress made the fabric canopy and I had a professional install it on the wall.

One of the most asked questions I get about her room from showing snips and pieces is the pink dresser. The pink dresser was actually a lucky find at an estate sale that I had lacquered pink. It also came with two matching twin beds that I think I purchased the entire set for $300. It was a steal. If you are ever looking for unique, beautiful furniture, always stop in your local antique stores or check out estate sales. You never know what you may find and it’s fun to give a piece of furniture a whole new life just by repainting it and changing out the hardware. The pink was custom mixed to match the wallpaper. Another popular question I get a lot is where to lacquer furniture. I’m not sure the correct answer because it’s kind of an unexpected place in Shreveport I get mine done at. I take mine to Raney’s Auto Body on Texas Street. They always do an amazing job and I normally get my colors custom mixed. They have done lots of pieces for me including Margot’s crib!

For the chair, I actually found this gorgeous fabric from Colfax and Fowler too. Love a floral! Once again, I think it’s something she can grow into. I had the chair recovered and added a ruffle skirt. I pretty much want to add ruffles to everything in my house now but in don’t think Brett would like that very much! Standing lamp is from Serena and Lily and the side table is from Amy Berry Home. Nesting woven baskets with scallop detail are from Ballard Designs and the mirror over the chest is from Amy Berry Home too. I don’t think it’s available anymore but Ballard Designs makes an almost identical one. The botanical prints are from Amy Berry Home. I guess it’s safe to say I love Amy Berry Home and her traditional style. If you need inspiration go follow her! I love everything she does!

I shared this adorable lamp shade this past week from Maison Maison Designs and it’s probably one of the cutest lampshades I’ve ever seen! We love anything scallop and I love that you can change out a lampshade and that can completely change the space. This is the large size shown in seagrass. Lamp base purchased from Amy Berry Home.

Last but not least is the scallop pink light fixture hanging in her room. I love this pendant so much. I had it custom made to fit the space and they custom mixed the color. We have this really cool shop here in Shreveport called Copper Works Lighting and they created it for me. Y’all they can design anything from lanterns, lamps, lampshades, pendants, fireplace screens, you name it. They will ship all across the country. I know a lot of things are custom in her room but I wanted it to be her special little space.

I really had so much fun designing her room. I think in my next life I would be an interior designer. I just love creating beautiful spaces. It sparks so much joy. I hope you enjoyed this lengthy blog post but I think I covered just about everything. If I missed something please don’t hesitate to ask! Hope this post is helpful and inspiring!

Xo, Caroline