A Masters Par-Tee : How to Throw the Ultimate Masters Party

Even though all sporting events have been canceled or postponed, I still wanted to share happy things on Sweet Caroline Designs! That’s what I try and do over here. I shot this Masters content before all the craziness happened and I wanted to share it and hope it brings some joy. The Masters will happen just not as scheduled and thought it might be a good distraction and provide a little inspiration for all you party planners out there.

Brett and I attended the Masters last year and it was one of the best sporting events we have ever attended. It was so organized and we hardly ever had to wait in a line for anything. All the workers were happy to be there and happy to help you. The grounds were immaculate and everything you think it would be, it was all that and more. Augusta has magic and I don’t think I have ever seen Brett as excited about something until we pulled up on Magnolia Lane.

We weren’t planning on attending this year, that may change, but I decided that I wanted to create “How to Throw the Ultimate Masters Watch Par-Tee” and try and recreate the fun experience we had. Whether you are planning a Masters watch party or a first birthday, I hope this gives you some great ideas!

For my Masters Watch Party, I decided to have it on our back patio because the weather is getting nicer and we built it so we could entertain. It is the perfect set up! I decided we just needed one large circle table and that would display all the food, drinks etc. With a little rearranging, it fit in the corner of our back patio.  I’m always looking for the best tablecloth and I found a yellow and green lemon print one on India Amory, which provided the perfect backdrop.

Next step, decide on the food you will serve. That is easy when it comes to Masters. Pimento Cheese and Egg Salad sandwiches are a must. You also must serve them on white bread, not wheat, as these are a Masters staple.  I found these cute food picks that were golf tees and flags. You can find them here and here. At the Masters, the sandwiches come wrapped in green wax paper. I found some yellow and green and white check wax paper and sealed with a cute sticker I created. These are two great ways to display your simple sandwiches but take them up a notch. You can serve these with potato chips!

For dessert, I decided to bake a cake. Y’all know I love to bake and this is something you can do in your kitchen and not break the bank. I did my famous white cake with an almond buttercream icing and I found this darling toy golf cart for a cake topper. I also made this flag out of yellow paper and stuck it on a wooden food pick. Also every great party must have cookies and I got mine from the Highland Park Pie Lady! She ships y’all!! Her sugar cookies are wonderful and her decorating is perfection. She is so talented and a delight to work with. If you are looking for decorated cookies, look no further and contact her. I was so pleased and none were broken when I received them. They were also vacuumed sealed for freshness when they arrived. I displayed some and packaged the rest in these cute green and white stripe bags and added a sticker I made. Other dessert ideas…. If you can find peach ice cream, make ice cream sandwiches and serve with two sugar cookies and peach ice cream in the middle!

For drinks, you must serve an Arnold Palmer! Arnold Palmers include lemonade and sweet ice tea but you can also add alcohol if you prefer. I served mine two ways. One is in a mint julep cup with cute green and white straws. The other is custom drink ware. You can order all your Masters cups and napkins on my website! At the Masters, they serve the beer in green and white shatterproof cups and people keep their cups as they drink. We brought them home as souvenirs. You can order similar ones here. Your party will stand out when you have customization.

Signage makes a huge difference too. I simply designed a similar logo and used that throughout my party so everything would go together. I had them printed on a 5 x 7 paper and framed them in gold frames. If you want to add any customization to your parties, you can email me at caroline@sweetcarolinedesigns.com with your request. I would love to help you out with signage, invites, napkins, koozies, cups and stickers!

For décor, I found all my flowers at Whole Foods. I bought yellow, green and white of course to go with my theme. I added large balloons on the sides of the table and made a balloon garland backdrop to mount behind the table. I think the set up turned out perfect and was inexpensive to make.

On our outdoor coffee table, I displayed two of our favorite Masters books, one being this darling children’s book, Masters A to Z. This book is adorable for your little’s and helps teach them all about the Masters traditions.

Last, but not least, you have to dress the part! I was so excited to find this adorable caddie outfit for Mignonne. You can order here. I ordered her the size suggested for her age and it fit great! You roll the sleeves and the legs. You can customize the lettering for the back and the number for the front. This shop was amazing to work with. She shipped it out the next day! Highly recommend.

If you are planning on attending the Masters, I put together a board below for suggestions. You kind of see everything there but you do A LOT of walking and it is hot so I suggest airy, light clothes and cute tennis shoes. Last year, Brett wore a polo shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. I wore Tory Sport Golf attire. You either see golf attire or cute sundresses and tennis shoes. Definitely wear a hat. It’s usually super sunny and you don’t want to get sunburn! I had tan lines from one day so wear your sunscreen :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to start watching golf again on Saturdays and Sundays and celebrating once all the craziness is over. I truly had a blast getting this together and hope it provides a little sunshine. We can’t wait to celebrate the Masters soon!




Kaitlin Haley Photography


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